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Canada And UK Support Sanctions Against MP Kozak And 112 Ukraine, NewsOne And ZIK TV Channels

Canada And UK Support Sanctions Against MP Kozak And 112 Ukraine, NewsOne And ZIK TV Channels

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Canada and the United Kingdom support the imposition of sanctions against the Member of Parliament Taras Kozak (Opposition Platform - For Life faction) and the information TV channels 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, ZIK.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from statements of their embassies in Ukraine.

"I applaud President Zelenskyy's decisive action to combat disinformation that is causing real damage to Ukraine," British Ambassador Melinda Simmons wrote on Twitter.

She added that she also welcomes Zelenskyy's assurances of the need to protect media freedom and pluralism.

"Canada recognizes that the challenges that Ukraine faces in this hybrid war have been imposed on it. We support Ukraine's use of legal mechanisms to preserve sovereignty while preserving freedom of the press," the Canadian Embassy announced this on Facebook.

Earlier, the imposition of sanctions was supported by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

This was the first official reaction of Ukraine's international partners to the decision on sanctions against three TV channels.

Ukraine's representative to the European Union Mykola Tochytskyi said that unofficially, the European Union had a positive reaction to the sanctions against Kozak and three information TV channels.

At the same time, there was no official EU reaction to this decision.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on February 3, Zelenskyy held a meeting with the ambassadors of the G7 countries (G7: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan), at which he discussed the sanctions he had imposed on TV channels.