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Zelenskyy's Rating Dropped By 5 pp Since January To 21.2%, Boiko’s Up By 0.5 pp To 17.1%, Poroshenko’s By 3.1

Zelenskyy's Rating Dropped By 5 pp Since January To 21.2%, Boiko’s Up By 0.5 pp To 17.1%, Poroshenko’s By 3.1 pp To 16.4% - Rating

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According to a poll by the Rating sociological group, since January, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has dropped his electoral rating in the presidential election by five percentage points to 21.2%, while the co-chairperson of the Opposition Platform - For Life faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Yurii Boiko, and former President Petro Poroshenko - grew by 0.5 percentage points to 17.1% and by 3.1 percentage points to 16.4%, respectively.

This is evidenced by the results of the poll, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Among those who intend to vote and have decided on their choice, 21.2% are ready to support Zelenskyy (while according to the previous poll of Rating from January 2-4 it was 26.2%), Boiko - 17.1% (was 16.6%), Poroshenko - 16.4% (it was 13.3%).

At the same time, the February poll included the chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada, Dmytro Razumkov, who was not in the January poll.

3.2% of respondents expressed readiness to support him.

Over the month, the rating of the candidates closing the five leaders increased: from 10.5% to 12.3% - of the leader of the Batkivschyna All-Ukrainian Association Yuliya Tymoshenko and from 6.4% to 7.5% - of the chairperson of the Strength and Honor party Ihor Smeshko.

For the rest of the politicians, the rating fell: for ex-Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, 4.3% (it was 6.1%) are ready to vote, for the leader of the Radical Party Oleh Liashko - 4% (it was 4.7%), for the ex-candidate for mayors of Kyiv from the Holos Serhii Prytula - 3.1% (was 4.1%), for the leader of the Svoboda All-Ukrainian Association Oleh Tiahnybok - 2.1% (was 2.6%), for the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko - 1.1% (was 2.3%).

In February, Rating also modeled the second round of the presidential election.

Zelenskyy wins over all competitors: Boiko with a score of 60% versus 40%, Poroshenko - 56% versus 44%, Tymoshenko - 55% versus 45%.

If he does not participate in the election and two of his closest competitors pass to the second round, Boiko will receive 51%, Poroshenko - 49%.

The poll was conducted on February 2-3 among 2,000 adult respondents in the controlled area by telephone interviews using a computer.

The error in the representativeness of the study does not exceed 2.2%.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2019 in the first round, Zelenskyy won 30.2% of the vote, Poroshenko - 16%, Tymoshenko - 13.4%, Boiko - 11.7%.

In the second round, Zelenskyy defeated Poroshenko with a score of 73.2% against 24.5%.