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Ukrenergo Not To Introduce Schedule Of Emergency Outages And Restrict Electricity Imports From Russia And Bela

Ukrenergo Not To Introduce Schedule Of Emergency Outages And Restrict Electricity Imports From Russia And Belarus

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The Ukrenergo national energy company does not plan to introduce a schedule of emergency outages and restrict electricity imports from Russia and Belarus.

Ukrenergo has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In the conditions of a significant decrease in the average air temperature (predicted to -10 degrees) in the period February 8-20, 2021, Ukrenergo ensures the balancing of the energy system and compliance with its operational safety by all means available today," the statement reads.

In particular, if necessary, the power units of thermal power plants (TPPs) of the Centrenergo state power generating enterprise will operate on reserve fuel (gas).

Also, until February 8, the operation of hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) of the Dnieper cascade (the Dnieper cascade includes six hydroelectric power plants: Kyivska HPP, Kanivska HPP, Kremenchuhska HPP, Seredniodniprovska HPP, Dniprovska HPP, Kakhovska HPP) will be carried out with maximum savings of hydro resources while increasing the production of hydroelectric power in case of reduced temperatures.

"Next week, peak consumption hours (morning, evening) in conditions of insufficient coal reserves at TPPs are planned to take place due to the operation of Centrenergo thermal power units, which can operate on reserve fuel (gas). And, if necessary, it will be possible to increase the generation volumes at HPPs and PSPPs," Ukrenergo emphasized.

At the same time, in conditions when the volumes of electricity consumption are growing and there is a power shortage in the power system, import restrictions are not planned, since this will not allow ensuring the operational security of the power system.

Ukrenergo stressed that no consumption restrictions or emergency shutdown schedules are planned for any consumers.

"At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in order to stabilize the passage of a period of low temperature conditions with a low level of coal reserves at the TPP and an insufficient number of operating NPP units, it is important to prevent emergency shutdowns of a significant amount of generation, such as the situation with the Zaporizhia TPP, which took place on February 3," Ukrenergo summed up.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on February 3, at 07:25 p.m., the Zaporizhia TPP was disconnected from the network due to an accident at the Luch substation.

On February 4, DTEK energy holding resumed operation of power units No. 1 and No. 4 of the Zaporizhia TPP after an emergency shutdown.

As of January 28, coal reserves in the warehouses of thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants amount to 578,700 tons, which is almost two times less than required.

Also, the chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities Services Andrii Herus (Servant of the People party) states that the lack of electricity imports from Belarus could lead to rolling blackouts.

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