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Law Enforcers Detain 4 People Involved In Organization Of Nursing Home In Kharkiv Where 15 People Killed In Fi

Law Enforcers Detain 4 People Involved In Organization Of Nursing Home In Kharkiv Where 15 People Killed In Fire

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Law enforcers detained four people involved in the organization of a nursing home in Kharkiv, where 15 people were killed in fire.

Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova wrote about this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The prosecutor's office and the police promptly detained a group of people involved in the organization of a private nursing home, where a fire broke out with 15 victims. Within the framework of criminal proceedings on the fact of violation of the fire safety requirements established by law, resulting in the death of people in accordance with Article 208, the owner of the home, who handed over a two-story building for a nursing home, as well as the tenant of the house and his wife, the director of a private enterprise, who actually ran the institution, were detained. Also, the administrator who coordinated the work of the nursing home, but was not officially employed there, was detained," she wrote.

For all of them a notice of suspicion and a petition to choose a preventive measure is preparing.

It was established that the detained spouses are the founders of a public organization, the purpose of which is to facilitate the conduct of recreational amateur, cultural activities aimed at satisfying and protecting the legitimate interests of its members, which was apparently used to cover up activities related to caring for the elderly people.

They estimated the cost of staying in the nursing home Zolotyi Chas [Golden Time] at an average of UAH 15,000.

The detained owner has two houses at once on the land plot.

There are no documents for commissioning of the building in which the nursing home for the elderly people functioned, and electricity and gas supply is connected to it without obtaining special permits provided by law, by connecting from the communications of the properly issued house.

During the first-priority investigative actions in the neighboring officially registered house, the activity of the so-called "rehabilitation center" for alcohol and drug addicts was also established.

The reasons for their stay and the exact number are established.

Now investigative actions are continuing, other employees of the nursing home where the fire occurred, as well as witnesses are being interrogated, searches are being conducted and the scene of the incident is being examined with the involvement of experts.

The following versions are being investigated: the fire occurred as a result of arson (introduction of an extraneous fire), the fire occurred as a result of careless handling of fire in everyday life and electrical appliances; the fire was caused by a power outage.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on Thursday, January 21, a fire broke out in the private nursing home for the elderly Zolotyi Chas in Kholodnohorskyi district of Kharkiv.

As a result of the fire, 15 people were killed and five were injured.

The prosecutor's office opened criminal proceedings on the fact of violation of fire safety requirements due to the death of people.

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) began to investigate the fire in a nursing home in Kharkiv as a negligence of employees of the State Emergency Service.

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