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Synevo Starts Conducting PCR Test That Detects New Strains Of Coronavirus

Synevo Starts Conducting PCR Test That Detects New Strains Of Coronavirus

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The Synevo laboratory chain has started conducting a PCR test that detects new strains of coronavirus.

Synevo has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"We have received official confirmation from Abbott's headquarters in the United States that the new PCR tests are detecting two new strains of coronavirus - British and South African, including their currently known mutations... Therefore, new PCR tests can identify new British and South African strains of COVID-19 with the same accuracy as the previous common strains of COVID-19," the statement reads.

Such PCR tests, in addition to detecting coronavirus, will also determine the viral load on the human body and the likely stage of the disease.

Besides, the test will detect the virus at the earliest stages, when there are still few virus cells in the body.

According to the statement, the new PCR tests will be carried out using automated equipment, which will eliminate the human factor and increase the sensitivity of the test itself.

It is also reported that such a test can be passed in all specialized Synevo coronavirus centers throughout Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, the Ministry of Health earlier announced its intention to strengthen testing for coronavirus due to its new strain.

Synevo is the largest chain of laboratories in Ukraine, which is part of the Swedish medical holding Medicover.

The Synevo chain includes more than 300 laboratory centers operating in 115 cities of Ukraine.