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NACP Resumes Access To Register Of Declarations After Modernization

NACP Resumes Access To Register Of Declarations After Modernization

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The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) has resumed access to the register of declarations after modernization.

NACP announced this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"On December 31, NACP resumed the work of the Unified State Register of Declarations of Persons Authorized to Perform the Functions of the State or Local Self-Government (Register of Declarations)," the statement reads.

Registration of declarations is already available for all users.

NACP draws the attention of the subjects of declaration that the transfer of some data from user accounts is still ongoing.

If users, for example, could not find the history of correspondence with a NACP representative in their office, these data will be restored in the near future.

Thanks to the modernization, the NACP made the registration of declarations convenient for the subjects of declaration.

So, now personal data in drafts of documents does not disappear: the subject of declaration can fill out documents from various devices and with various qualified electronic signatures.

The declarant can also review and download all documents submitted by him with personal data in HTML and PDF format from his personal account.

Also, when the declarant uses several clicks, there is no need to carry out the procedure for changing the qualified electronic signatures in the Register of Declarations.

From now on, it is also possible to submit a notification in the Register of Declarations about opening a foreign currency account in a non-resident bank institution in electronic form.

Previously, the subjects of the declaration had to submit them only in paper form.

Earlier, the authority reported that in connection with the modernization by the end of 2020, access to the Register of Declarations may be partially limited.

At the same time, a law earlier came into force, restoring the powers of the NACP and ensuring the full functioning of the NACP, including with respect to the judges of the Constitutional Court.

Among other things, the document provides for open round-the-clock access to the Unified State Register of Declarations.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, NACP closed criminal proceedings based on materials of inaccurate declaration of more than UAH 30 million due to the decision of the Constitutional Court.

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