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Ukraine Expects Iran To Provide Technical Report On UIA Plane Crash In Near Future - Foreign Ministry

Ukraine Expects Iran To Provide Technical Report On UIA Plane Crash In Near Future - Foreign Ministry

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In the near future, Ukraine expects Iran to provide a final technical report on the crash of a flight plane of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA).

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"In the near future, the Ukrainian side expects providing information announced by the Iranian side at the negotiations in Tehran on the technical and criminal aspects of investigations and the circumstances of the downing (of the aircraft)," the Foreign Ministry has said this in response to a question about whether Ukraine officially requested a report from Iran and whether received the answer.

These commitments were made by the Iranian side during the second round of negotiations, which took place on October 19-20.

"The requirements of the Ukrainian side to Iran in the framework of the negotiation process remain unchanged: to complete a technical investigation in accordance with international law, in particular, Annex 13 of the 1944 Chicago Convention; conduct a full, open and comprehensive criminal investigation in order to bring the perpetrators to justice, ensure fair punishment and cooperation with Ukraine on these issues; provide copies of reports on the results of these investigations for further consideration and analysis by the Ukrainian side," the press service explained.

On December 22, Iranian media reported that Iran had released and presented the final technical report on the tragedy to the affected countries, but on December 24, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba confirmed that Ukraine did not know from official sources about Iran's preparation of this report.

On December 28, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, according to Iranian media reports, said that a video report was provided to Ukraine and other affected countries in an online format.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry told the Agency that the timing of the third round of Ukrainian-Iranian negotiations depends on the provision of the abovementioned reports.

“For Ukraine, the affected states and the families of the victims, it remains fundamentally important to conduct the most transparent and objective investigation of the tragedy by the Iranian side, to ensure inevitable and fair punishment of the perpetrators and to pay the due compensations to the families of the victims. The demands of the Ukrainian side to Iran remain unchanged, in particular, to take full responsibility for the downing of the aircraft and provide Ukraine and citizens of all affected states with full compensation for the damage caused by its downing," the press service emphasized.

In connection with the approaching anniversary of the tragedy, the Ukrainian side initiated, within the framework of an international group for coordinating assistance to victims, a discussion of joint actions and events to commemorate the victims.

Now this issue is under discussion.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 crashed shortly after taking off from the Tehran airport on January 8, killing all the aircraft’s 167 passengers and 9 crewmembers.

Citizens of seven countries were killed in the crash, including 11 citizens of Ukraine.

Iran admitted on January 11 that it inadvertently shot down the passenger airliner with a missile. The admission was made before an international commission completed its investigation into the cause of the crash.

Iran granted access to the aircraft’s "black boxes" at the end of July.

Until the end of the investigation, Ukraine is not ready to accept Iran's assertion that the plane was shot down due to human error. It believes that the main issue in the investigation into the circumstances of the downing of the plane is possible interference with the Iranian airspace control system.

Ukraine and Iran have started the second round of talks on the downing of the aircraft.