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Kyiv City Council Accepts 2021 Draft City Budget For Consideration

Kyiv City Council Accepts 2021 Draft City Budget For Consideration

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The Kyiv City Council accepted for consideration the draft city budget for 2021 submitted by the Kyiv City State Administration.

93 members of the council voted for this decision, with the minimum required 61, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

At the same time, along with the budget, the Kyiv City Council also accepted for consideration the draft program of the socio-economic development of the capital for 2021-2023.

It is assumed that the budget committee will consider the proposals of the members of the council to the draft city budget-2021 within 10 days, so that on December 24, the Kyiv City Council could approve it.

The Kyiv City State Administration has developed a draft city budget-2021 with revenues of UAH 59.2 billion, which is by 1.3% or UAH 755.2 million more than the expected revenues of the city budget-2020, and expenditures of UAH 56.6 billion.

The draft city budget provides for the repayment of obligations on external and internal borrowing in the amount of UAH 2.7 billion.

The document provides for the growth of social standards, taking into account the planned increase in the minimum wage and the living wage, in particular, the wage fund for workers in the public sector and the utility sector will increase by 26.3%.

In the structure of the budget, the share of expenditures on the social and cultural sphere is increasing, for example, expenditures on education are 43% and are planned in the amount of UAH 24.1 billion, which is by UAH 3.2 billion more than this year, including an increase in the fund wages of school teachers for UAH 2.6 billion.

It is planned to allocate UAH 4.5 billion for social protection and social security of citizens.

It is planned to allocate UAH 1.5 billion for the improvement of the capital, more than UAH 10 billion for infrastructure development, including UAH 3.4 billion for the construction and reconstruction of facilities.

At the expense of these funds, it is planned to continue the construction of a subway line to the Vynohradar residential area, the Podilskyi bridge crossing, technical re-equipment of the Energia plant, construction and reconstruction of kindergartens and schools.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on December 13, 2019, the Kyiv City Council adopted the city budget for 2020 with revenues and expenditures of UAH 58.8 billion.

After the amendments made during the year, the 2020 city budget provides for revenues of UAH 57.775 billion, expenditures – UAH 62.409 billion, a deficit of UAH 4.6 billion, which is planned to be covered by loans.