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Zelenskyy Appeals To Venice Commission Over Constitutional Crisis Due To Its Experience In Assessing Moldovan

Zelenskyy Appeals To Venice Commission Over Constitutional Crisis Due To Its Experience In Assessing Moldovan Constitutional Court’s Decisions In 2019

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has appealed to the European Commission for Democracy through Law (the Venice Commission) to assess not a specific law but the constitutional situation that arose in Ukraine after the Constitutional Court’s recent decisions on the anti-corruption legislation, citing the Venice Commission’s experience of assessing the constitutional crisis in Moldova in 2019.

This is stated in a letter to the Venice Commission’s head Gianni Buquicchio dated November 24, a copy of which the Ukrainian News Agency obtained.

"In its opinion dated June 24, 2019 on the constitutional situation in the Republic of Moldova after the adoption of a number of Constitutional Court decisions regarding the possibility of dissolving the parliament, the Venice Commission emphasized that it is extremely important that constitutional bodies make decisions within the limits of their legal powers and responsibility in a state governed by the rule of law," the letter states.

Zelenskyy expressed the belief that the Venice Commission’s opinion, which was issued in a very short time, played a key role in the resolution of the situation in Moldova.

Since the recent decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine led to a constitutional crisis, he asked the Venice Commission to assess the situation in the country.

"I ask you to assess the constitutional situation caused by the Ukrainian Constitutional Court’s decision of October 27, 2020 and provide an opinion on the state of the anti-corruption legislation after the decision; on the adoption of this decision by the Constitutional Court’s judges despite a possible conflict of interest; on the observance of the procedure for considering cases and adopting decisions by the Constitutional Court, particularly regarding its validity and compliance with the boundaries of the constitutional submission," he wrote.

The president also called for an opinion on the accelerated procedure, "considering the urgent need to find a balanced solution and restore the Constitutional Court of Ukraine’s role as an unbiased arbiter."

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Venice Commission has decided to prepare by next week an opinion on the constitutional situation in Ukraine following the Constitutional Court’s recent decisions and an opinion on reform of the Constitutional Court, after which it plans to approve them at a meeting on December 11.