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42% Of Pollees Questioned By Rating Sociological Group Support Lockdown, 55% Against It

42% Of Pollees Questioned By Rating Sociological Group Support Lockdown, 55% Against It

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A total of 42% of pollees questioned by the Rating sociological group advocate imposition of a lockdown, 55% are against it, and 4% remain undecided.

Ukrainian News agency learnt this from results of the poll.

At the same time, 58% consider that a lockdown would be an effective way to counteract the Covid-19; 39% deem it ineffective; and 3% were undecided.

Besides, a total of 58% support a lockdown for New Year holidays, 40% - do not support such an idea; while 2% are undecided.

Besides, 44% of pollees support imposition of the 'weekend' quarantine; 54% - do not support it, and 2% are undecided.

The poll was conducted among 2,500 adult respondents from all regions of Ukraine except for the temporarily occupied territories of the Russia-annexed Crimea and Donbas in the period of November 28-30.

The sampling error does not exceed 2%.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, a total of 49% of pollees questioned by the Rating sociological group in the period of November 15-17 called for imposition of the 'weekend' quarantine; 49% were against it.

On December 1, the number of newly-registered Covid-19 cases in Ukraine rose by 13,141 over November 30 to 758,264, and the number of deaths rose by 169 over November 30 to 12,717; at the same time, the number of new cases rose by 5.1%, and the number of new lethal cases decreased by 23.5%.

According to the report, as at the morning of December 2, there were 758,264 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases registered in Ukraine, the number included 12,717 lethal cases; besides, 369,054 people had recovered.

On December 1, a total of 13,141 new cases of the disease were recorded, 169 people died, and 13,882 people recovered.

Therefore, as at December 1, the indicator of newly-infected people was lower than the number of those, who recovered (13,141 vs 13,882).

The number of the active sick (only those sick) as at December 1, made 376.493 people, down 0.24% day over day.

Since the start of the epidemic, the largest number of coronavirus-infected people has been registered in the city of Kyiv (74,012), Kharkiv region (56,361), and Lviv region (47,477).

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