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Health Ministry Not Preparing Quarantine Proposals For December 2 Cabinet Meeting – Stepanov

Health Ministry Not Preparing Quarantine Proposals For December 2 Cabinet Meeting – Stepanov

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The Ministry of Health is not preparing proposals on a quarantine or quarantine restrictions for consideration at the Cabinet of Ministers meeting scheduled for December 2.

Health Minister Maksym Stepanov announced this on the Ukraina 24 television channel, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"No, do not expect [a Cabinet of Ministers decision on introduction of a lockdown on December 2]. We did not submit such a proposal for the government meeting. There are draft resolutions relating to the medical industry, but everything that [the Ministry of Health will introduce] tomorrow will not involve quarantine restrictions... Regarding a "strict quarantine" or any additional restrictions, we have not prepared a draft of such a decision for tomorrow," Stepanov said.

According to him, if the Cabinet of Ministers decides to introduce a "strict quarantine" (lockdown), it will be announced 7-10 days before the day of its introduction.

"There will be an official announcement 7-10 days before any strict restrictions, i.e., a ‘strict quarantine,’" the minister said.

According to Stepanov, he considers d it necessary to explain the logic of the authorities' actions to citizens in advance. He noted that he began talking about the idea of introducing a "weekend quarantine" one week before the Cabinet of Ministers introduced it.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleh Nemchynov announced earlier that the Cabinet of Ministers intended to hear the Ministry of Health’s conclusions on the "weekend quarantine" on December 2 and then decide on further quarantine measures.

Stepanov believes that the "weekend quarantine" is not effective enough and doubts the advisability of its further extension.

According to him, the Ministry of Health will propose that the government introduce a strict quarantine if the number of coronavirus cases increases to 25,000-30,000 per day and he believes that the number of cases can reach this level in December if citizens do not comply with quarantine measures.

On November 11, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced the "weekend quarantine” until November 30.

The National Security and Defense Council’s Secretary Oleksii Danylov has said that a lockdown will definitely be introduced in Ukraine and that the authorities are currently discussing whether to introduce it in December or on January 2.