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Mamai Elected As Poltava Mayor In 2nd Round

Mamai Elected As Poltava Mayor In 2nd Round

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Oleksandr Mamai (For the Future party) was elected as mayor of Poltava by the results of the second round of elections.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement on the website of the Opora civic network with reference to the election results announced by the city territorial election commission.

Thus, 28,833 voters or 52.22% voted for Mamai.

And his rival, Serhii Ivaschenko (Servant of the People party) got 26,385 votes or 47.78%.

52-year-old Mamai in 2010-2020 was the mayor of Poltava, was nominated by the Sovist Ukrainy party; since 2000 he has been the head of the Inter-Agro agricultural enterprise; in September 2018, he was stripped of his powers due to the mistrust of the Poltava City Council, but on December 5 of the same year, Mamai again became the mayor of Poltava.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 22, in Dnipro, Lviv, Sloviansk and eight other cities, voting took place in the second round of the mayoral elections.

On October 25, 20,856 voters gave their votes for Mamai, which amounted to 30.06% of the total number of those who took part in the voting.

The second result was for Ivaschenko, for whom 12,290 or 17.71% of voters voted.