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Bondarenko Re-Elected As Cherkasy Mayor In 2nd Round

Bondarenko Re-Elected As Cherkasy Mayor In 2nd Round

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The current mayor of Cherkasy, ​​Anatolii Bondarenko (For the Future party), was re-elected as mayor following the results of the second round of elections.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement on the website of the OPORA civic network with reference to the election results announced by the city territorial election commission.

So, 30,073 voters or 54.33% cast their votes for Bondarenko.

And his competitor, Viktor Yevpak (Holos party) got 24,331 votes.

In 2002-2005, 46-year-old Bondarenko worked as chairperson of the Lysianskyi village council; in the 2006 local elections, he was elected as member of the Cherkasy Regional Council from the Yuliya Tymoshenko bloc.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, according to the exit-poll of the Savik Shuster Studios, using the tools of the Liberty Report sociological company, 54.25% of the respondents voted for the current city mayor Anatolii Bondarenko, 45.75% - for Viktor Yevpak.

On October 25, 24,179 voters cast their votes for Bondarenko, which amounted to 37.6% of the total number of those who took part in the voting.

The second result was given by Yevpak, for whom 12,311 or 19.14% of voters voted.

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