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1,818 Coronavirus-Infected People Hospitalized On November 24 – Health Ministry

1,818 Coronavirus-Infected People Hospitalized On November 24 – Health Ministry

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On November 24, a total of 1,818 coronavirus-infected people were hospitalized.

The Health Ministry has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the report, on November 24, the coronavirus infection was confirmed in 684 children and 615 medical workers.

Since the start of the epidemic, a total of 32,653 children and 35,129 medical workers have fallen ill with the Covid-19.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 23, a total of 1,403 coronavirus-infected people were hospitalized.

On November 23, the number of newly-registered Covid-19 cases in Ukraine rose by 13,882 over November 22 to 661,858, and the number of deaths rose by 229 over November 22 to 11,492; at the same time, the number of new cases increased by 12.9%, and the number of new lethal cases rose by 21.8%.

According to the report, as at the morning of November 24, there were 661,858 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases registered in Ukraine, the number included 11,492 lethal cases; besides, 307,778 people had recovered.

On November 23, a total of 13,882 new cases of the disease were recorded, 229 people died, and 8,420 people recovered.

Therefore, as at November 23, the indicator of newly-infected people was higher than the number of those, who recovered (13,882 vs 8,420).

The number of the active sick (only those sick) as at November 25, made 342,588 people, up 1.6% day over day.

Since the start of the epidemic, the largest number of coronavirus-infected people has been registered in the city of Kyiv (62,620), Kharkiv region (52,538), and Lviv region (42,874).

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