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Zelenskyy Announces UAH 8,000 In One-Time Financial Assistance To Businesses Closed Due To Quarantine, 4 Other

Zelenskyy Announces UAH 8,000 In One-Time Financial Assistance To Businesses Closed Due To Quarantine, 4 Other Programs

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced the introduction of five programs for supporting entrepreneurs, including a program for payment of UAH 8,000 in one-time assistance to businesses that are closed because of the quarantine.

Zelenskyy made the announcement in a video address, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Bills providing for the following will be submitted to the parliament in the near future: one-time financial assistance to those whose spheres are subject to a ban due to the tightening of the quarantine. For example, if you are an individual entrepreneur and you are forced to close your coffee shop or an employee and you are fired because the coffee shop where you worked is unfortunately closed, you will be able to receive assistance in the amount of UAH 8,000... According to estimates, more than UAH 1 million Ukrainian citizens will be able to receive assistance under this program, and the total amount of assistance will be almost UAH 10 billion," he said.

The second program provides for payment of a one-time financial aid of up to UAH 8,000 per employee to businesses to preserve jobs and the third provides for spending UAH 1.5 billion on reimbursement of about 120,000 legal entities for the payment of the Unified Social Contribution.

The fourth program provides for cancellation of the tax debts of almost 4 million citizens owing up to UAH 3,000 and the fifth provides for exemption of 20,000 category-1 individual entrepreneurs from payment of all taxes and fees if the quarantine is tightened.

Besides, Zelenskyy announced the resumption of financial assistance to individual entrepreneurs with children under the age of 10 and compensation for partial unemployment and credit vacations under the "5-7-9" affordable loans program.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy has said that the "weekend quarantine" that is in effect in Ukraine has been effective and expressed the hope that a full lockdown can be avoided.