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Ternopil Refuses To Introduce "Weekend Quarantine"

Ternopil Refuses To Introduce "Weekend Quarantine"

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Ternopil refused to introduce "weekend quarantine".

The press service of the Ternopil City Council announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

"The “weekend quarantine” in the city will not work," the authority said.

The City Council notes that the restrictions that are introduced with the "weekend quarantine" will not affect the decrease in the incidence, and the city will lose revenue from this.

“And we cannot allow this,” the City Council noted.

The Ternopil authorities asked law enforcement officers to fine the enterprises not for the fact that they work, but for the fact that they do not comply with anti-epidemic measures.

"Masks and distance should be," said the local authorities.

Transport will work without restrictions, and the authorities ask the institutions to limit themselves for work until 10:00 p.m.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 11, the Cabinet of Ministers changed the quarantine conditions and introduced “weekend quarantine” until November 30.

Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi opposes the introduction of "weekend quarantine".

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