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Retail Association Asks Cabinet Not To Impose Restrictions On Trade During "Weekend Quarantine"

Retail Association Asks Cabinet Not To Impose Restrictions On Trade During "Weekend Quarantine"

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The Retail Association of Ukraine (RAU) asks the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Health not to impose trade restrictions during the "weekend quarantine."

The association has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In order to minimize the negative impact of the epidemic situation on business, the RAU asks the government and the Ministry of Health to reconsider the approach to the introduction of quarantine. In particular... not to introduce a "weekend quarantine" for shopping establishments, but, on the contrary, to promote stable work in order to evenly distribution of buyers," the statement reads.

The Association notes that with the introduction of restrictions on the operation of stores on weekends or on their opening hours, the number of consumers in retail outlets will increase on other days, which will lead to queues and crowds of people, including in public transport, since such measures will not affect consumer demand.

The RAU also asks to allow the work of trade establishments, shopping centers and other enterprises in the "red zone" of epidemic danger, arguing that the ban on work for a part of the business is not justified and will not have a positive effect on reducing the incidence.

The Association believes that it is necessary to focus not on establishing prohibitions for certain categories of business, but on the correct organization of work in compliance with sanitary standards, regardless of the type of store.

The RAU also asks MPs not to adopt laws that are impossible to enforce on bringing entrepreneurs to justice for non-observance of the mask regime by visitors to their establishments (meaning bill No. 3890 on increasing liability for not wearing masks).

Besides, the RAU appealed to business representatives with an appeal to responsibly organize their activities, properly comply with the approved epidemic standards, remind consumers of the need to comply with the mask regime and monitor the observance of the distance in trade establishments.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy does not support the introduction of a "weekend quarantine" for the cultural sphere.

The Ministry of Health intends to recommend banning the operation of shopping and entertainment centers on Saturday and Sunday with the introduction of a "weekend quarantine".