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Yermak Confirms Meeting With Vatican Secretary Of State Parolin And Discussion Pope Francis Visit To Ukraine

Yermak Confirms Meeting With Vatican Secretary Of State Parolin And Discussion Pope Francis Visit To Ukraine

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The Office of the President of Ukraine’s head Andrii Yermak has confirmed that he held an unannounced meeting with the Vatican’s Secretary of State Pietro Parolin in the Vatican in early October to discuss a possible visit to Ukraine by Pope Francis.

Yermak announced this in an interview with the Babel publication, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"[We spoke] about appointment of a Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican, discussed the process of transferring the church in Kyiv to the Roman Catholic community, and the possibility of the pope visiting Ukraine," he said.

According to Yermak, the media reports claiming that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy secretly met with the new head of the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service of (MI6), Richard Moore, during which he was allegedly warned about members of his entourage, are not true.

"They wrote a lie. At least … because I was personally at that meeting," he said, referring to media reports claiming that Yermak was not present at the meeting, as a result of which many assumed that Zelenskyy was warned about him.

He declined to disclose the content of the meeting, but he said that countering disinformation was one of the issues discussed.

"The need to create an international center for countering propaganda has arisen. Ukraine is ready to be the initiator. This idea has received great support from our partners," Yermak said.

In response to remarks that Ukraine is not doing enough to counter disinformation, Yermak said that the legislative framework exists and that the law enforcement agencies should respond to cases of disinformation.

"This is a question for them. They have everything that is needed for this. Roughly, it can be described as follows: if we have a chilled ear, we must treat the ear and not try to hear with our eyes. It is necessary for the existing organs to begin working and not invent new ones," he said.

According to Yermak, Ukraine’s international partners cannot dictate to Ukraine how and when to implement reforms even if they provide the money for implementing them.

“I took a loan from a bank and I have to repay it. However, this does not mean that the bank will dictate to me what to eat for breakfast,” he said.

At the same time, he added that Ukraine has obligations that were assumed previously but were not necessarily in the public interest. However, according to him, the government will fulfill these obligations.

Besides, Yermak said during the interview that the leadership of the Servant of the People party had not yet made decisions on coalitions between the party and other political forces at the local level.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy has confirmed that he discussed the problem of disinformation in the mass media with the MI6 during his visit to the United Kingdom.

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