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Voting In Local Elections Starts In Ukraine

Voting In Local Elections Starts In Ukraine

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On Sunday, October 25, at 08:00 a.m., in Ukraine started voting in local elections and in part of Chernihiv region (constituency 208) - in the by-election of an MP.

Voting will last until 08:00 p.m., Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The elections are being held under the new electoral system.

In most settlements, voters will receive four ballots: for the election of a village, settlement or city head; for local council elections; for the elections of the district council; for the elections of the regional council.

In settlements with less than 10,000 voters, the ballots will have different lists of candidates for members of councils depending on the district and the same ballots for all of candidates for the head.

Candidates who have received the most votes in their constituencies will enter the local council, depending on the number of "members’ seats" in the constituency, and the chairperson will be the one who will bypass the competitors.

In settlements with more than 10,000 voters, a proportional system with open lists for elections to the local, district and regional councils has been introduced.

The council will include those parties that gain 5%, and the list of their members will depend on the support of the political force and a specific candidate in the constituency, taking into account his place in the single party list.

In cities with fewer than 75,000 voters, the one who gets the most votes will become the mayor.

In cities with more than 75,000 voters, for the winning it is necessary to gain more than 50%, and if there is no such candidate, then the two who received the most votes will converge in the second round of elections.

The results of all elections must be established by November 6 inclusively.

If a second round of mayoral elections is called, it will take place on Sunday within three weeks from the date of the decision to hold it.

In the by-election of MP, the candidate who receives more votes will win.

Their results must be established by November 9 inclusively.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Rating sociological group will hold exit polls at the October 25 elections.

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