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Payment For Work Of Volunteers At Zelenskyy’s Poll Will Cost Servant Of The People UAH 103 Million - Opora

Payment For Work Of Volunteers At Zelenskyy’s Poll Will Cost Servant Of The People UAH 103 Million - Opora

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According to the estimates of the Opora civil network, the salary of volunteers who will interview citizens on five questions announced by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy near polling stations on the day of local elections, October 25, will cost the Servant of the People party UAH 103 million.

Olha Aivazovska, chairperson of the Opora board, announced this at a press conference, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“We received information from companies that are now recruiting people to organize this “sociological poll.” It is planned to ensure all polling stations. The total amount of expenses, according to our data, which came directly from the organizing companies of this process, is about UAH 75 million. This is if we talk about the field part, only the costs of organizing the work of volunteers. The cost of compensation that will be received on hand is about UAH 1,200," she said.

At the same time, according to her information, civil contracts will be concluded with the volunteers, from which taxes must be paid.

"If we are talking about civil law contracts, then we need to add another 40% of tax collections of various types that must be paid to the budget. Accordingly, the maximum amount of expenditures is approximately UAH 103 million. This is if we are talking about the amount, of which taxes will be paid, and UAH 40 will be compensated to coordinators for each additional person brought in," Aivazovska said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy stated that on the day of local elections, October 25, he will ask voters five questions in order to do as they decide: is it worth introducing life imprisonment for corruption on an especially large scale; is it worth introducing a free economic zone in Donbas; is it worth reducing the parliament to 300 MPs; is it worth legalizing medical cannabis to reduce pain in critically ill patients; whether it is worth raising the issue of fulfilling the obligations under the Budapest Memorandum at the international level.

The Office of the President confirmed that the poll would have no legal consequences, but did not explain who exactly will conduct it and calculate the results, at whose expense it will be done and what the sample will be.

First, the deputy chairperson of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Yevheniya Kravchuk, said that the poll would be conducted by one of the public organizations, and the patrons would pay, but less than a week later the party officially announced that it would finance it itself by concluding an agreement with a sociological company, while there would be no expenses from the budget, since the political force refused state funding.

Six major sociological companies assure that they are not negotiating with Servant of the People.

Experts from public organizations in the field of elections and reforms consider the poll to be interference in the electoral process and manipulation in order to campaign and increase the turnout in the elections.