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Court Dismisses Claim Against Zelenskyy To Cancel Poll He Announced

Court Dismisses Claim Against Zelenskyy To Cancel Poll He Announced

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The Kyiv District Administrative Court dismissed the claim against President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to cancel the poll he announced for October 25.

The press service of the court has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The court opened proceedings on the case and appointed it for consideration by way of summary action proceedings in a court session for October 23 at 08.00 a.m.

Due to the fact that the parties, who were duly notified, did not attend the hearing, the court continued the consideration of the case in written proceedings.

The court's decision states that a prerequisite for the provision of legal protection by the court is the presence of a real violation of human rights at the time of going to court.

Announcements by any subject of power authorities about their intentions to perform any actions for the future cannot be regarded by the court as an action that violates the right of the plaintiff.

Based on the boundaries, the stated requirements and analysis of the provisions of the current legislation, the court concluded that the claim was unfounded and unproven sufficient evidence, and refused to satisfy the plaintiff.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, Zelenskyy stated earlier that on the day of local elections, October 25, he would ask voters five questions in order to do as they decide: is it worth introducing life imprisonment for corruption on an especially large scale; is it worth introducing a free economic zone in Donbas; is it worth reducing the parliament to 300 MPs; is it worth legalizing medical cannabis to reduce pain in critically ill patients; whether it is worth raising the issue of fulfilling the obligations under the Budapest Memorandum at the international level.

The Office of the President has confirmed that this poll will have no legal implications.

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