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Entry And Exit Should Be Separated At Polling Stations If Possible - Stepanov

Entry And Exit Should Be Separated At Polling Stations If Possible - Stepanov

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According to the recommendations for preparing for local elections in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, entry and exit should be separated at polling stations if possible.

Health Minister Maksym Stepanov announced this during a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

He noted that before the start of the process of expression of will, the precinct commission must appoint a responsible person who will conduct a survey of voters regarding their well-being.

At the entrance to the polling station, there should be a place for scrubbing hands with an antiseptic.

Also, at the entrance and inside the polling station, markings should be applied to maintain the distance between the voters.

"If possible, it is necessary to provide separate entrance and exit from the polling station," Stepanov said.

The minister stressed that this will help to divide the flow of people in order to minimize contacts between voters.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, voters on self-isolation must apply to the polling station to vote at their place of stay.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Health – Senior Medical Officer Viktor Liashko said that voters with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) will be allowed to vote in certain voting booths along a separate route at the polling station.