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Derkach: Imposition of sanctions by United States Department of the Treasury against me is the revenge from Bi

Derkach: Imposition of sanctions by United States Department of the Treasury against me is the revenge from Biden and his accomplices

Андрей Деркач. Фото: facebook.com/derkach.al
Андрей Деркач. Фото: facebook.com/derkach.al

MP Andrii Derkach explained the imposition of sanctions against him as revenge for exposing corruption in the upper echelons of the US Democratic Party. He stated this on his Facebook page.

“What is the motive for the actions of the US Department of the Treasury and how it all happened: revenge from the representatives of DemoCorruption – Biden, Kent and Kvien. Revenge is an inherent part of their ongoing actions against Ukrainian investigators, journalists, experts who reveal more and more new schemes of international corruption. This is revenge against me as a representative of the team of investigators,” Derkach notes.

According to MP Andrii Derkach, this decision was made at the request of several congress members from the US Democratic Party and inspired by representatives of the United States Department of State, who covered the misappropriation and misuse of international technical assistance for Ukraine.

“When you expose the schemes of international corruption, you always have to be ready for revenge. Besides, no one has canceled the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, freedom of speech, as well as the right to defend democratic values and the independence of one's state from external corruption influence and external governance,” Derkach said.

According to the MP, he is not going to stop and already announced a press conference planned for the beginning of next week with new shocking facts exposing corruption, in which the leadership of the US Democratic Party is involved.

“DemoCorruptionists are very afraid. Because every word that will be voiced by me is supported by numbers, documents and intriguing recordings. I will not refuse the press conference: the state independence and sovereignty of Ukraine are at stake,” Derkach notes.

He also said that he plans to appeal in court the imposition of sanctions by the United States Department of the Treasury.

“I believe that victory in this case will be a logical response to the representatives of DemoCorruption in my struggle to defend the national interests of Ukraine,” Andrii Derkach summed up.

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