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4,000 Law Enforcers To Be Attracted To Ensure Security On Independence Day In Kyiv

4,000 Law Enforcers To Be Attracted To Ensure Security On Independence Day In Kyiv

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About 4,000 law enforcement officers are planned to be attracted to ensure public safety on Independence Day in Kyiv.

This is stated in the response of the Kyiv police to the request of the Ukrainian News Agency.

The police notes that it received 4 messages from the Kyiv city state administration about the events on August 24, namely: representatives of the public organizations United by War. 90th Battalion, Veteran Brotherhood, All-Ukrainian Organization Avto Syla and Kyiv society of political prisoners and repressed Movement of veterans of Ukraine.

"To ensure public safety and order in the central part of the city, during the abovementioned events and other events on the occasion of the celebration of the 29th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, it is planned to attract about 4,000 law enforcement officers," the response reads.

It is also indicated that the total number of declared participants is about 100,000 persons.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Kyiv State Administration received 7 applications for holding mass events on Independence Day.

The Kyiv City State Administration will hold a regatta and solemn events with the participation of the country's leadership on the occasion of the National Flag Day and the 29th anniversary of independence on August 24, a prayer service will also be held.

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