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Valentyn Nalyvaichenko: Everything is not so clear in the scandal with “the Derkach tapes” – he was deported f

Valentyn Nalyvaichenko: Everything is not so clear in the scandal with “the Derkach tapes” – he was deported from Russia long ago. Interview

In Ukraine, the discussion of "Derkach tapes" continues for the second week. After all, this is not only about the Ukrainian domestic political situation – it is about corruption at the international level, in which top Ukrainian officials are involved.

We decided to ask Valentyn Nalyvaichenko to comment on the scandal and its consequences, who at various times worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA, twice headed the Security Service of Ukraine (in 2006-2010 and 2014-2015). Therefore he has the opportunity to assess the consequences of “the Derkach tapes” both in the long term for international relations and the internal security of Ukraine.

How reliable are the recordings of voices "which appear to be Poroshenko and Biden"?

I think these are real conversations of former President Petro Poroshenko. He speaks from his office on Bankova Street, in his usual English. From the context, it is evident that neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor the assistants prepared any written theses for the conversations, and Poroshenko initiated the calls. And it is a matter of three days to verify the authenticity of the tapes in certified laboratories.

Who could make these records?

We can get bogged down in conspiracy theories, look for new Melnychenko and the like. As a professional, I suppose that Poroshenko could record the conversations himself to play safe, defend himself or even blackmail the interlocutor.

Is this the "hand of Moscow" or is it an overseas track?

As far as I know, the people who handed these tapes for disclosure to MP Andrii Derkach wanted to draw attention to the terrible corruption and lies in the Ukrainian government at the highest level. And these people are located in Ukraine.

Law enforcement agencies should investigate the scandal with records of voices which appear to be Petro Poroshenko and former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden. Moreover, I insist on the creation of a commission of inquiry in Parliament. It is important that issues related to security policy, in particular where the Minsk Protocol and the Normandy Format are concerned, are not subject to disclosure and speculation. It is good that these topics were not made public at a press conference by Andrii Derkach.

As for the "hand of Moscow," I know, and there are documents confirming that Andrii Derkach was deported from Russia. The Russian authorities did this in 2017. Due to a "strange" coincidence, Derkach was deported and banned from entering Russia after the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, based on his statement, opened criminal proceedings against officials of NABU on the fact of interference in the US presidential election. Judging by Derkach’s deportation from Russia, the situation is much more complicated than it is presented to us.

What should the Ukrainian Parliament do?

Let me remind you that starting from September 2015 I have demanded the creation of a temporary commission of inquiry to investigate Poroshenko and his henchmen's multibillion-dollar corruption and offshores. He organized the theft of the budget and mineral resources of the country and involved others.

Therefore, we must put an end to international scandals, maintain good relations with our strategic partners and, most importantly, protect the international authority of Ukraine.

Finally, we must break the circle of total corruption and enrichment in power. The Parliament of Ukraine needs to urgently create a commission of inquiry to investigate top corruption without a statute of limitations.

It is time to change the international reputation of Ukraine for the better.

What are the prospects and consequences of this case: for the USA, for Ukraine, for the persons involved in the case?

I am sure that the amounts of money stolen from Ukraine and the seriousness of Poroshenko's corruption crimes require answers from the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

It is the responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities to punish top corrupt officials and return the stolen money to the budget.

Regarding the United States, we should not interfere in their domestic political processes in any way. The American people will decide everything themselves.

In my work, I put much effort into revealing Poroshenko's corruption schemes, including in the defense sector, and transferred information about the transactions of Svynarchuk and Co. to Ukrainian law enforcers and the US Department of Justice. I emphasize once again that a temporary commission of inquiry is needed, but it should not be entitled "Biden and Poroshenko tapes." This commission should investigate corruption and operations of the organized crime group led by Poroshenko.

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