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New Chinadaily's subsite shares China's virus control experience with world

New Chinadaily's subsite shares China's virus control experience with world

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China Daily has launched a COVID-19 subsite
China Daily has launched a COVID-19 subsite

With the novel coronavirus sweeping across the planet, infecting an increasing number of people, the world faces severe challenges in preventing and controlling the pandemic.

COVID-19 subsite has launched to share reliable information about the disease and China's experience in overcoming it with the rest of the world, China Daily reports.

Named "Fighting COVID-19, the Chinese Way", the new subsite sheds light on China's knowledge and experience to prevent and control the highly contagious virus, which has infected 179,112 people and claimed 7,426 lives around the world as of Wednesday.

The subsite includes seven parts. In "Latest Discoveries", readers can learn up-to-date information about R&D for vaccines and medicines, as well as information on scientific research into the testing, prevention and treatment of COVID-19; in "Q&A", renowned experts answer questions surrounding hot topics about the outbreak, and in "Facts", rumors are dispelled and truths are presented to readers.

There also are videos, health tips for preventing the virus, and knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine used to treat patients.

Readers can access all the information you need about the disease by asking the AI robot, who will answer your questions instantly and automatically.

The content in the subsite is in association with four national authorities like the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and sponsored by the State Council Information Office.

The special coverage is accessible on the China Daily website and app. China Daily is also offering relevant topics on its overseas social media platforms and allowing readers to access the subsite via a QR code in the newspaper.

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