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Darnitsa started working on 62 new medicines creation

Darnitsa started working on 62 new medicines creation

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa has been working on 62 new medicines in 116 dosages and types of packaging. It plans to register those medicines in Ukraine until 2023.

 As the company reported, those medical agents are the result of Darnitsa’s own production and its collaboration with the international companies.

Darnitsa reminded that it sends 10 percent of its gross income to the scientific research and development of the new products annually.

Darnitsa aims to become a leader in complex generics, and is ready to cooperate with the world’s top pharmaceutical market players to achieve its goal.

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa was founded in 1930. Since 1998 the company has been holding leadership in medicines production by volume.  Company’s portfolio includes some 280 brands of medical products. In 2018 the company increased its net profit by 37.3%. The Zagoriys family are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Darnitsa.

In 2019 Darnitsa conducted a rebranding  and renews the package design of its pharmaceuticals. The changes reflect new strategic goals of the company, such as – digitalization, leadership in generics and creation of the international pharmaceuticals brand.

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