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Darnitsa introduces 11 new medicines in 2020

Darnitsa introduces 11 new medicines in 2020

Within the 2020 pharmaceutical company Darnitsa is planning to register brands of pharmaceutical products in 27 fungicide label rates and types of packages.

As the commercial director of Darnitsa Elena Filiniuk said, the company continues to stick to its approved strategy – focusing on the treatment of the wide spread diseases in Ukraine.  She pointed out that medicines, that will appear in 2020 are aimed to cure nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.

 Medicine “Plasmoven” will be the first new release of 2020. This will be the infusion solution aimed to correct the electrolyte disturbance.

“Infusion therapy is an important part of all the serious diseases treatment. It is a basis of modern healthcare. During the infusion therapy the one should prefer balanced solutions that have electrolytic compounds close to electrolytic compound of blood plasma. When there is a necessity of an immediate injection, the one have to use soft containers (vials) that can shrink, for a fast infusion. Medical agent “Plasmoven” is a perfect fit here,” Filiniuk said.

She also reminded that in 2019 Darnitsa successfully passed an audit on eligibility to the international standard of the pharmaceutical productions.

Proper production practice is called Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP.

The company got the certificate valid for all 14 departments of the finished pharma products production. During the last three years Darnitsa got five positive conclusions on eligibility of its medicines production to the demands of proper production practice of the regulatory organs of Ukraine, Belarus, and the EU countries.

 Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa was founded in 1930. Since 1998 the company has been holding leadership in medicines production by volume.  Company’s portfolio includes some 280 brands of medical products. In 2018 the company increased its net profit by 37.3%. The Zagoriys family are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Darnitsa.

In 2019 Darnitsa conducted a rebranding and renews the package design of its pharmaceuticals. The changes reflect new strategic goals of the company, such as – digitalization, leadership in generics and creation of the international pharmaceuticals brand.

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