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Agreement with the occupying power: Sytnyk did not declare 1 million rubles from the sale of real estate in th

Agreement with the occupying power: Sytnyk did not declare 1 million rubles from the sale of real estate in the annexed Crimea (Documents)

NABU Director Artem Sytnyk did not mention the scandalous fact of the agreement in the territory occupied by Russia. The family of "anti-corruption" official documented the land under Russian law and sold for one million rubles

This is evidenced by extracts from the Russian registers, the contract of sale and other documents confirming the fact of the agreement, registered by the occupying power, wrote "Ukrnovyny" with reference to "Obozrevatel". The editorial board of the site appealed to the State Bureau of Investigation with a report on committing an offense related to false declaration (Article.366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), which threatens the director of NABU with imprisonment for up to 2 years with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions.

"Obozrevatel" published copies of documents confirming the implementation of the agreement in the occupied Crimea by Artem Sytnik's family. This is a plot of B-65 (cadastral number 8536900000: 07: 001: 0226) in the horticultural cooperative "Mirage" in the Nakhimovsky district of Sevastopol, which his wife documented for herself under Russian law (new, Russian cadastral number - 91: 04: 007 001 : 139), and sold for 900 thousand of Russian rubles. In 2015, Anna Sytnyk, Artem Sytnyk's wife, gave a power of attorney for the alienation of property to a Russian citizen Nebivaylova. On the same day, Artem Sytnyk gave his wife his formal and documented agreement for the alienation of the mentioned plot, which is also documented.

On August 1, 2017, the registration officials of the occupation authority of the Russian Federation in the city of Sevastopol illegally registered the ownership of Sytnyk Anna Mykolayivna on a land plot of 0.0416 hectares in Sevastopol. On the same day, Sytnyks sold through an intermediary a plot for 900,000 Russian rubles (the seller - Sytnyk Anna). 6,600 Russian rubles were paid into the Russian budget in the form of duties. In fact, the plot was sold even more expensive - for 2 million Russian rubles, which follows from the advertisements for sale. Neither the statement of Sytnyk's wife nor the declaration of Artem Sytnyk himself, do not mention this operation with real estate and received funds from its sale within the time limits specified in the law. No taxes were paid in Ukraine.

Before this, the main witness in the case of corruption of NABU director Sytnik Mykola Nadejko told that he met people with money from the occupied Crimea at Sytnyk's request. These people brought money for the sold plot, spent the night at Sytnyk, and he also took these intermediaries to the airport.


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