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Experts told how to improve blood service in Ukraine

Experts told how to improve blood service in Ukraine

Фото: pixabay
Фото: pixabay

Experts believe that the blood service needs fundamental changes. First of all, financing is required, writes "Censor.net".

"Today, all blood centers receive only 45-50% of the funds they need. The equipment there is 10-20 years old," said Anatoly Chugriev, the president of the Association of the Blood Service of Ukraine, the head physician of the Zhytomyr Regional Blood Center.

"Since the independence of Ukraine, the state has not paid due attention to the blood system; therefore, the accessibility and safety of blood components for patients cannot be guaranteed. The structure of the blood service is now chaotic and obscure. We made some calculations: servicing the "ideal" blood centers would cost 35 million euros. 5 million euros is needed for laboratory equipment and supplies only," - said the head of the blood safety and blood donation department of the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the president of the Association of Young Donors of Ukraine, and the founder of the DonorUA project Iryna Slavinska.

Blood components (and there are several dozens of them) are used to treat a whole range of diseases, including chronic ones. Therefore, according to the WHO standards, the supply of donated blood in each country should be computed using the following ratio: 33 donations per 1000 individuals. However, in Ukraine, this number is less than 12. The country is dependent on foreign manufacturers, and it is forced to purchase imported drugs through tenders at UNDP, etc. Sometimes, the price is 2.5 times higher than the cost of Ukrainian medicine. Instead, we could develop the industry ourselves, raise the specialists, and be independent and competitive in this market.

Bill No. 2429 on the elimination of farfetched bureaucratic barriers and corruption-generating factors in the sphere of health care, which the People’s Deputies passed on the first reading on December 20, 2019, could be a real attempt to solve the problems of the blood service. The document was registered by Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Public Health, Medical Assistance and Medical Insurance Mykhailo Radutskyi.

"This is a bill on reasonable deregulation, and it eliminates the artificial, bureaucratic, and corrupt norms of existing legislation, replacing them with simple, substantiated rules that are universal for everyone, and are supported by experts and relevant associations," said Mykhailo Radutskyi, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Public Health.

In particular, the law allows private companies, licensedand registered in Ukraine, to collect blood from donors. At the same time, a categorical ban is imposed on the export of blood and plasma as raw materials abroad. It will help attract private investment needed for reforms and development of the blood system in our country. It will alsoincrease our own production of quality blood products. Thus, high-quality domestic drugs will be produces as anaffordable alternative to the imported analogues.

"Modern manufacturers, like Biopharma, allow to use the donor blood without losses: everything is used for the purpose intended. Accordingly, we have new opportunities. Therefore, new legislation should appear. It would be great if the bill No. 2429 were adopted", - said Larisa Kostyuchenko, doctor of medical sciences, head of the center for pediatric immunology.

The bill introduces European standards and practices of the blood system: these changes are introduced as part of the implementation of the provisions of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement. Similar rules apply in France, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and other countries. They ensure universal, transparent, equal working conditions for all: both for private business and for the state.

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