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American investors who spend billions in Ghana are interested in Ukraine

American investors who spend billions in Ghana are interested in Ukraine

An American investor from New York prognoses a meaningful growth and direct international investments for Ukrainian real estate market. Nevertheless, it happens only under the reformation of the justice system and setting-up state-private cooperation, as the head of an investment company Investigroup LLC Kizito Owusu believes.

Critics and politicians often claim that Ukraine is developing on the level of African countries. But is Africa a negative example only?

Let’s take Ghana as a case that attracts by far more direct foreign investments than Ukraine despite its much smaller population. Active cooperation between state and private sectors and support of Ghanaian natives in Western countries facilitate it.

One of the good examples is attracting an investment company Investigroup LLC from New York headed by Owusu Kizito with an annual revenue of 100 000 dollars by the Ghanaian government. Due to his efforts, Investigroup has established partnerships with contractors and unions such as company group MFAR і GALFAR (road construction company) in order to finance a project with 10 billion dollars in the next 10 years.

The aim of this program is to provide a modern all-season road network. It is supported by the county’s government through the policy of state-private cooperation.

Owusu Kizito gives special importance to real estate as an attractive investment sphere in Ukraine. He notes that this industry is actively developing in Ukraine and he is interested in these investments himself,

‘Real estate is a priority investment in Ukraine at the moment as Americans would like to explore this opportunity and invest. It is recommended that investor protections are put in place through legislations so American investors indulge in this lucrative real estate markets.’

Besides, Kizito underlines the attractiveness of the real estate market and construction sphere in Ukraine from the perspective of state-private cooperation. Ghanaian experience is its good example, when Owusu’s company financed partially the construction of one million affordable houses in Ghana under the support of the country’s government and private investors.

In his Twitter Owusu claims,

‘For real estate investment in Ukraine, a robust public-private cooperation policy is recommended to make it attractive to American investors.’

Though, unfortunately, Ukraine has not yet got successful examples of state-private cooperation, that could serve as a signal of profitable investments for foreigners. Therefore, Owusu Kizito invests in his understandable motherland in Africa, despite the fact that Ukraine is potentially more profitable.

Clear governmental actions and Ukrainian investors from abroad play a decisive role, when they believe that investing in a native country is finally safe.


Kizito Owusu was born on the 9th of April 1976 in Ghana. As a catholic, he lived in a mission house until the age of 16. At the age of 27, he started MBA studies at Hawaii Pacific University. He also received a degree of Doctor of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix, USA (2014).

Kizito Owusu is the head of Investigroup LLC in New York.

He co-organized an international cultural event together with United Nations Commutech Group (UNCG) in July 2015 at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Kizito Owusu is a member of Rotary Club.


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