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Bakhmatyuk handed over inscribed eggs "Sytnyk is corrupt" to the director of NABU

Bakhmatyuk handed over inscribed eggs "Sytnyk is corrupt" to the director of NABU

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Today, February 19, agrarians handed over to the director of NABU, Artem Sytnyk, convicted of corruption, "personal award" eggs with the inscription: "Sytnyk, go away".

About it reports Depo.ua.

The protesters chanted "Sytnyk - away", but the NABU leader himself was afraid to meet with the activists, and did not even send his representatives for negotiations.

There are dozens of egg trays on the sidewalks.

We will remind, on January 17 it became known that NABU detectives made illegal decision to interrogate 10 thousand employees of the company "Ukrlandfarming".


It is also known that criminal proceedings have been opened against NABU detectives because of the expert's false report in the case of Pisaruk-Bakhmatyuk.

In addition, it was reported that Deposit Guarantee Fund and Bakhmatyuk resumed negotiations on debt restructuring.

Reference: On November 11, mass media reported that NABU employees arrived at the office of one of the largest banks of Ukraine – Raiffeisen Bank to detain the chairman of the board of Alexander Pysaruk, the former first deputy chairman of NBU Valery Gontareva, who now lives in London.

On November 12 Bakhmatyuk appealed to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky regarding NABU and GPU, which have resumed criminal proceedings against VAB Bank.

He explained that NABU’s suspicion was politically motivated and jeopardized the work of Ukrlandpharming Agro Holding, and also dismissed claims by the National Bank of UAH 29.3 billion of debt owed to the state.

Former Minister of Finance Oleksandr Shlapak reported that Bakhmatyuk had fought for VAB Bank to the last and tried to pay $ 200 million for saving the bank.

It is also known that Business-Warta and Ukrainian Agrarian Club associations have appealed to President Zelensky to defend Bakhmatyuk’s Ukrlandforming.

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