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Cabinet Approves New Procedure For Registering Ukrainians Living Abroad

Cabinet Approves New Procedure For Registering Ukrainians Living Abroad

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The Cabinet of Ministers approved a new procedure for registering Ukrainians living abroad.

This is stated in resolution No.85 of January 29, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

So, 3 types of consular registration are introduced: permanent, temporary and registration of adopted children.

According to the resolution, certificates on staying at the consular registration and deregistration from consular registries by foreign diplomatic institutions are issued with a special bar code (QR code).

The information contained in the account card is entered in this QR code.

Certificates issued in person are signed by an authorized official of a foreign diplomatic institution, and the signature is sealed with a small official stamp of the institution.

When sending a certificate using the Internet and the departmental information system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an authorized official signs it using an electronic signature.

There is no consular fee for issuing certificates.

The decision also establishes that the issuance of such certificates is carried out after the commissioning of the necessary hardware and software for the exchange of information.

Besides, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within a month after receipt of documents on the adoption of a child from the Ministry of Social Policy sends them to the appropriate foreign diplomatic institution and instructs to take the child to consular records.

If foreign adoptive parents or citizens of Ukraine permanently residing abroad have not applied to the embassy or consulate with a statement about taking the adopted child for consular registration, the authorized official will enter information about the child on the basis of documents received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and notify the adoptive parents in writing contact the embassy or consulate.

After taking the adopted child for consular registration, the embassy or consulate informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs without delay in writing.

Duration of permanent consular registration is not limited, but citizens of Ukraine are obliged to apply to a foreign diplomatic institution every 10 years to update information about themselves.

The period of stay on temporary consular registration is 1 year.

This resolution comes into force on March 1, 2020.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, there are 592 Ukrainian citizens registered with the Consulate in China, among them there are no infected with the new type of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

It is noted that the actual number of Ukrainians in China may be significantly larger.

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