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Barshchovsky’s empire is on the verge of collapse,”- says blogger

Barshchovsky’s empire is on the verge of collapse,”- says blogger

Taras Barshchovsky's net worth is less than his debt liability, so he artificially bankrupts his company T.B. Fruit not to repay the loan. Journalist Serhiy Liamets writes about this in his blog in Ukrayinska Pravda. He recalled that in 2014, Barshchovsky took loans from Delta Bank (which went bankrupt a year later) in the amount of 100 million euros.

“Barshchovsky’s fortune is estimated at $ 105 million. That is, even if the long-standing member of the Ukrainian Forbes list sold all his fortune, he would still not be able to repay his debts. Therefore, he decided not to repay anything at all, and to do this, he bankrupts his business through Ukrainian courts - the most honest courts in the world,” the blogger writes.

He recalled that in 2015, on the eve of the bankruptcy of Delta Bank, the Yablunevyy Dar and Tank Trans companies owned by Barshchovsky pulled off a scheme of so-called “collapsing” of the loan. Yablunevyy Dar curtailed $ 58.8 million in loans, and Tank Trans curtailed $ 9 million.

“The “collapsing” scheme involved the following: the owners of the deposit in the bank could not get their money back, and the recipients of the loans did not want to pay it back. They found each other, and somewhere in a Kyiv cafe, they signed an exchange agreement. Loans were repaid at the expense of deposits. Thus, Barshchovsky got rid of his loans worth more than 100 million euros. Everyone wins, except for the bank,” the author said.

According to Serhiy Liamets, the total debt of Barshchovsky's Delta Bank amounted to 6.2 billion hryvnias or almost $ 250 million at today's rate.

“$ 250 million of debts, despite the fact that the entire fortune of Barshchovsky today is worth $ 100 million. That is, the net worth of the juice businessman was created from the loans of the late Delta Bank. All of his new plants, thousands of hectares of fruit and berry orchards were bought with money that he had to return, but decided not to,” the blogger writes.

According to him, as part of this process, several court hearings have already taken place, and the Supreme Court ordered the debtor to repay the loan. However, he is doing everything to evade his obligations. At the same time, Liamets recalled that in the media, Taras Barshchovsky appears as a successful businessman, the member of the Forbes list.

“On the one hand, integrity and honesty, and on the other hand - huge debts, which Barshchovsky is not going to repay. At one time, he owed $ 250 million in loans to the late Delta Bank, but they were "forgiven". Barshchovsky does not want to lose his business. Therefore, he is trying to get rid of $ 250 million debts by negotiating with the courts and doing other tricks,” writes Liamets.

According to him, now the Deposit Guarantee Fund is forced to sell the assets of the bankrupt Delta Bank with a discount of over 95%. To pay off its obligations, the Deposit Guarantee Fund had to borrow money from the state budget and the NBU. According to Liamets, this situation, in which ordinary Delta Bank depositors suffered the most, was created by Barshchovsky and such, large debtors who stopped paying loans using various schemes.

As reported, Taras Barshchovsky is one of the hundred richest people in Ukraine according to the Forbes magazine. His company T.B. Fruit produces Galicia juices and is included in the top 20 exporters of Ukraine, selling products in 40 countries. In 2019, the investment company Dragon Capital estimated the fortune of T.B. Fruit at $ 105 million.

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