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Ukraine has a favorable climate for the development of the IT sector, - says Stepan Chernovetskyi

Ukraine has a favorable climate for the development of the IT sector, - says Stepan Chernovetskyi

Stepan Chernovetskyi, Chernovetskyi Investment Group, IT sector
Stepan Chernovetskyi.Photo:
Stepan Chernovetskyi.Photo:

Ukraine has a favorable climate for growth of IT sector and the momentum should be used to develop the Ukrainian economy.

Stepan Chernovetskyi, President of Chernovetskyi Investment Group, made this statement in an interview with Focus.

"IT sector is growing for a reason. Our specialists have received good training and education, but their salaries are still lower than in the USA and Western Europe. The accumulated experience leads to an increase in the numbers and quality of startups. And I see from the profiles of companies entering Ukrainian market and rent offices here that the investors understand this very well too," says the businessman.

Stepan Chernovetskyi is also considering infrastructure projects in education and healthcare. The businessman believes that it is an investment in the future which can be a business as well. He is confident that, provided that the level of education is improved, Ukraine can reach a new level as an educational hub.

To remind, Stepan Chernovetskyi owns the investment company Chernovetskyi Investment Group focusing on the investment in the IT sector. The company's portfolio includes the startups of and Kray Technologies. The first one is a project for grocery delivery from the  supermarkets, and the second one focuses on the production of agricultural drones. Stepan Chernovetskyi has also invested in real estate, such as Comfort Town residential complex and 101 Tower and IQ business centers in Kyiv.

The educational project of Chernovetskyi is also worth noting: CIG R&D Lab scholarship program, which now runs at three universities in Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. In this program, the students can create their own startups while studying and receive financial and mentoring support from the experts, as well as a grant for the development of their projects.

As reported, in July 2016, Stepan Chernovetskyi was detained in Spain. Subsequently, he was released without any bail, and three years later, the case was closed.