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NABU detectives decide to conduct unauthorized interrogation of 10,000 Ukrlandfarming employees

NABU detectives decide to conduct unauthorized interrogation of 10,000 Ukrlandfarming employees

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In "Ukrlandfarming" such actions consider as illegal intimidation of their employees

According to with reference to the ULF press service, the company wants to appeal to the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with complaint conserning the actions of NABU.

"We want to address you on behalf of Ukrlandfarming and Avangard companies. We faced a situation that once again demonstrates the fact that NABU detectives are violating the law and are not interested in an objective approach to the case involving our company's shareholder Oleg Bakhmatyuk Moreover, they continue to put an illegal pressure on business structures with large number of employees, and we believe that their actions are aimed at disrupting the sowing company in one of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine. The main reason for such actions is the personal revenge of Artem Sytnik, who was recently enlisted in the register of corrupt officials", noted in the ULF statement.

Ukrlandfarming claims that "January 15 this year, detectives of NABU Kharkiv Department Semivolos and Koval conducted unauthorized interrogations of people in the village of Tokari and, having no legal basis or necessary documents, demanded disclosure of confidential information, namely, wages and salaries." The detectives arrived in the territory of the Lokhvytsia Sugar Factory, where, also without any legal or procedural documents, they decided to interrogate 10,000 employees.

"The next day, these detectives arrived in the territory of the Lokhvytsia Sugar Factory, where they said in the director's office that they should interview 10,000 people about their salaries, without any legal or procedural documents," the company stated.

In ULF believes that the actions of these detectives have nothing in common with anticorruption activities, but are aimed at destabilizing a company employing around 30,000 people. They also do their best for disruption and intimidation of employees, and, in fact, disrupt the sowing that is currently being prepared.

"We absolutely do not understand how such actions relate to the criminal case against Bakhmatyuk and VAB Bank. We see that the NABU leader - Mr. Sytnyk - having been found corrupt by court, does not comply with any legal norms in his personal revenge.", - said in "Ukrlandfarming".

ULF is urging both Mr Sytnyk and prosecutors to pay attention to this case.

"We will not sit back and look at these people actually destroying the enterprise and manipulating the minds of society, intimidating Ukrlandfarming employees, and making the production process impossible. Once again, we would like to remind Mr. Sytnik and his subordinates, who are major recipients of budgetary allocations, that Ukrlandfаrming and Avangard, employing 27,000 people, produce 1% of the country's GDP a year, pay 3 billion hryvnas in salaries and 2.5 billion in taxes of all levels, of which, by the way, the PR agency called NABU is funded as well. And the people now being with such an ease interviewed by the detectives are then to take care of chickens, livestock, and prepare their equipment for sowing." - the statement said.
ULF is also appealing to government about resolution of this issue.

"We are addressing to all the authorities, the President, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General, although we know that he is absolutely reluctant to hear us: do not allow one person, blinded by the desire for revenge, to go so far as to destroy the company employing tens of thousands of people. If the company Ukrlandfarming is pressed further, we will take public steps. Of course, we have no army, no soldiers, no other capabilities available in the security forces. We will have to ask people to come out to streets to protest - instead of farming and benefiting their families and the state. The only thing they will require is the preservation of their jobs, which the corrupt Artem Sytnik wants to take away from them." - the ULF noted.

"Once again we say: Shame on you, Mr. Sytnik, stop your blind revenge! Your being a corrupt person is not our fault! Do not force your subordinates to break the law, because they will be held to answer sooner or later. But we will not let getting them liable on the debris of our company".