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The first students of the ucode program in UNIT Factory Kharkiv presented their projects

The first students of the ucode program in UNIT Factory Kharkiv presented their projects

The first marathon at UNIT Factory Kharkiv began on November 11, 2019, and after a month of intensive training in programming following the ucode program, students are ready to submit their first projects.

This was reported in the media office of the Kharkiv IT-school UNIT Factory.

Dozens of people who want to study following the innovative ucode program came on the first day of the first free marathon to try their hand. The most motivated of them will present their "graduation" projects on December 6, the final task of the marathon. In Kharkiv, these will be the first projects that are implemented by UNIT Factory students who studied following the ucode program.

“Students get acquainted with the innovative campus team and started learning on the most modern iMac laptops. In just the first 3 days of the marathon, students already spent about 2000 hours studying. Many of the participants first learned about programming tools during the marathon. Nevertheless, their strong motivation allowed them to successfully master new knowledge. The next step is the presentation of their first own projects. Therefore, we can say that the participants of the first marathon will be the foundation of a new progressive community in Kharkiv, " - noted media office of the UNIT Factory Kharkiv.

On the official website of the training center, it is stated that the marathon is a chance for anyone who registers and comes for an interview to try the training format of the new IT school for free. It allows students to understand how the Challenge Based Learning method works and learn how to effectively manage their time and priorities.

Currently, UNIT Factory Kharkiv has opened registration for the second marathon, which starts in spring. To take part in it, one must register on the site. Age restriction is from 17 years. Education, diploma and External Independent Test are not required.

To recap, in Kyiv, the UNIT Factory IT school was opened in November 2016 on the basis of the innovation park. With the support of National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, UNIT Factory has developed its own ucode program, which is now used in the Kharkiv UNIT Factory.

The program is based on the innovative Challenge-BasedLearning methodology created by the Apple company and used in the Apple Developer Academy. It is based on solving real-life problems using IT.

Collective training helps to unleash the creative abilities of students while they are working on their projects. The system is based on gamification, that is, approaches specific to computer role-playing games.

Another feature of UNIT Factory is that the program includes developing personal effectiveness, interpersonal skills, and working with people (soft skills).

Innovative parks, Kharkiv, and the UNIT Factory project were founded by Ukrainian businessman, founder of UFuture company Vasyl Khmelnytsky.