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Presidential Office seeking to seize Bakhmatyuk's assets, and NABU restricting access to case files, – lawyer

Presidential Office seeking to seize Bakhmatyuk's assets, and NABU restricting access to case files, – lawyer

The counselors trying to get access to the case files are stonewalled, and the "new names" in the Presidential Office want to seize Oleh Bakhmatyuk's assets, his lawyer Oleksiy Shevchuk says

Today, on Monday, December 2, a press conference was held at the Interfax-Ukraine news agency press-center, Oboz informs. Its declared subject was "Restricting the defense attorneys access to the Pisaruk-Bakhmatyuk case files".  Oleh Bakhmatyuk's councelors - Tetyana Kozachenko, Dmitry Loshakov and Oleksiy Shevchuk, spoke about law violations during the NABU investigation concerning VAB Bank refinancing.

Bakhmatyuk's lawyers cited outrage and exert political pressure on their client. Oleksiy Shevchuk said that the investigation had been resumed in violation of the law, and the case of Pisaruk-Bakhmatyuk itself was absolutely politicized. "The case is older than 4 years, it was closed 4 times, and despite all current legislation provisions, the prosecutor general and his deputy Kasko ordered the NABU to investigate, though the case had been closed by the Main Investigation Department, all the case circumstances had been investigated. But the current authorities need wannabe popular cases, - Shevchuk said. - We, the attorneys, are being impeded trying to study the case files. NABU has been investigating this case for over a year and has not done anything about it. Our client has never had any procedural status. And only with the emergence of new names in the Prosecutor General's Office, new names in the Presidential Office - the names who wanted to take over Oleh Bakhmatyuk's assets, did new NABU actions emerge."

Shevchuk also reported that the lawyers had not been given an opportunity to see the case files. "We have been to NABU twice, we haven't even been let in. No detectives have come out to us, and we've been forced to file a complaint with the Internal Security Department," the lawyer said. He also stressed that Oleg Bakhmatyuk had never been declared suspect, and his and his partner's councels were trying in vain for a week to get NABU's explanation about what their defendants were accused of.

Recall that "VAB Bank" is one of those banks that the NBU withdrew from the market in 2016. The bank and the NBU officials are currently investigated by the NABU. So far, the collateral valuation official examination, the Deposit Guarantee Fund findings, and the NBU's statement on the refinancing money payed off to depositors refute the publicly made NABU's allegations against the businessman.

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