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NABU's case against Oleg Bakhmatyuk is politically motivated, and Sytnik has a direct conflict of interests -

NABU's case against Oleg Bakhmatyuk is politically motivated, and Sytnik has a direct conflict of interests - lawyers

Putting Oleg Bakhmatyuk's on the wanted list is illegal, and the case concerning VAB Bank refinancing is politically motivated - say Tatiana Kozachenko and Dmytro Loshakov (Law Firm "Kapital"). Oleg Bakhmatyuk's lawyers are ready to challenge in the courts the illegal actions of NABU, whose leader, Artem Sytnyk, has a direct conflict of interests in this case

Lawyers Tatiana Kozachenko and Dmitry Loshakov made this statement during a press conference "New Circumstances of the Pysaruk-Bakhmatyuk Case", which took place on Monday, November 25, at UNIAN. Lawyers consider putting Oleg Bakhmatyuk on the wanted list as a violation of procedures and legal nonsense. The entire case is politically motivated, stated lawyers. "NABU is trying to show quick results motivating their existence, as well as helping the country's leaders to demonstrate "progress" in law-enforcement," Tatyana Kozachenko stressed. All prerequisites for the loan are absent in NABU materials. "NABU does not analyze at all the situation and the necessity for stabilization loans"? - she explained. According to the lawyer, the long-investigated, closed case was opened in a hurry, because of political expediency, which is why the accusations of NABU contradict the long-studied facts, the data of checks and expertise. Kozachenko stressed that "this is the reason why it can be argued that a full and impartial investigation is not ensured."

The lawyers also announced that Artem Sytnyk, the director of NABU, has a direct conflict of interests in this case. Artem Sytnyk was found guilty by a court of the first instance in a corruption case, and the main witness of the accusation was an advisor of Oleg Bakhmatyuk's sister Mykola Nadeyko. Sytnyk had an elite vacation on a hunting base with expensive alcohol, crashed ATVs, etc. –and did not pay for it. Found guilty in a corruption case, according to Ukrainian laws Sytnyk will not be able to hold the position of NABU director. "Artem Sytnyk committed an administrative corruption offense. This is the reason for his release. And one of the main witnesses of the prosecution is an advisor of Oleg Bakhmatyuk's sister Mykola Nadeyko" Dmitry Loshakov stated. Sytnik, through a proxy, asked the main witness, Mykola Nadejko, who paid for his vacation to give up his testimony.

Lawyers also stressed that Oleg Bakhmatiuk has been trying to achieve restructuring and repayment of banks' debt to the state for several years. The last such negotiations were conducted at the end of October this year when Oleg Bakhmatyuk made a proposal to deposit UAH 500 million, and then to pay UAH 1 billion each year until the full amount has been paid. However, Bakhmatyuk did not receive any response to his proposals.

It should be reminded that NABU has opened a case about allegedly inappropriate use of a stabilization loan granted by Oleg Bakhmatyuk VAB by the National Bank. The National Bank has already denied the allegations, proving that the total refinancing amount of UAH 1.2 billion went to the payment of 80 thousand depositors, as was intended by this program.

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