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The State must guarantee equal conditions for all players of the construction materials market, - Sergiy Lishc

The State must guarantee equal conditions for all players of the construction materials market, - Sergiy Lishchyna

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Co-owner of IZOVAT and Ukrainski Lisopilni Sergiy Lishchyna thinks that current rules in Ukraine do not guarantee equal conditions for all market participants. He shared his thoughts with Dzerkalo Tyzhnia and stated: "I support fair and healthy competition in any business. But there have to be clear rules of the game. 10% duty on Ukrainian goods in Russia and 5% on goods that we receive from Russia are just not adequate under the current conditions. The duty should be at least increased."

According to him, it is crucial to protect the Ukrainian market from the supply of construction materials from Russia, and also from Belarus, because in both countries named national producers receive the state support. And it threatens Ukrainian producers. 

The businessman also advocated for fair treatment of investors regardless of the capital’s country of origin. Sergiy Lishchyna said: "Another thing is the treatment of investors. Our industry pays salaries and provides jobs. The Ukrainian investor has the same value as the Western one. For example, our company IZOVAT employs 420 people, and the average salary is UAH 15 thousand per month. But our State provides support to Western investors. Only on the basis of the fact that they are foreign. However, their investments are not always beneficial for the country." 

He also reminded about the construction of the Kronospan plant in the Rivne region. This plant will be launched near several similar Ukrainian productions. Sergiy Lishchyna underlined: "Obviously, this is done to destroy the competitors. The opening of this production plant is an attempt to kill existing and successfully operating similar plants. For some reason, the country attracts and supports such investors, although it makes no sense economically. In the meantime, no one cares about existing Ukrainian producers."

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