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Gazprom Could Begin Supplying Gas To Industrial Customers In Ukraine In 2020 – Kobolev

Gazprom Could Begin Supplying Gas To Industrial Customers In Ukraine In 2020 – Kobolev

The Gazprom gas company (Russia) could begin supplying natural gas to industrial customers in Ukraine on January 1, 2020.

The Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint stock company’s board chairperson Andrii Kobolev announced this at the Ukrainian Gas Forum, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“There is nothing stopping Gazprom from beginning gas supplies to Ukrainian customers at any given time. As soon as our accession agreements are signed and as soon as we implement European standards on the Ukrainian gas market, Gazprom will be able to enter this market and deliver as much gas as it wishes to customers,” he said.

According to Kobolev, Gazprom could supply gas to Ukrainian customers quite efficiently if its prices are lower than European suppliers’ prices.

“I will not be surprised if we see Gazprom Export as a gas supplier to large Ukrainian customers, enterprises in various sectors on January 1,” he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Oleksii Orzhel stated earlier that Ukraine was interested in direct gas purchases from Russia on market conditions.

Russia raised the issue of direct gas supplies to Ukrainian customers during the recent Ukraine-Russia-European Union trilateral talks on transit of Russian natural gas.

Gazprom stopped supplying natural gas to Ukraine at 10:00 (Moscow time) on November 25, 2015, because Naftogaz of Ukraine had already pumped the entire volume for which it made prepayment and did not apply for imports.

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