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Avakov remained the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs because of his professionalism, internal and exte

Avakov remained the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs because of his professionalism, internal and external support and disposition to reform - opinion

Arsen Avakov retained the post of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with news from the authorities, as he was effective, had the support of patriotic forces and Western partners, and was determined to continue reforming the law enforcement system. This is stated in the analytical article of the lenta.ua publication.

"According to experts, there are three reasons why Zelensky needs Avakov. Firstly, the current Minister of the Interior during two election campaigns - the presidential and parliamentary - showed the effective work of the police, which, despite the heat of political passions, did not allow provocations and ensured a calm expression of the will of voters. Actually, in many respects thanks to this Zelensky confidently won", the author notes.

The article also provides the opinion of political technologist Taras Zagorodny, who believes that the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs acted as the guarantor of the legality of the election process: "Avakov certainly played an important role in ensuring that Poroshenko did not remain in power. He became a sort of stabilizer of law. In this election, the police first exposed, and did not cover, attempts to buy up votes and other violations".

"Given the high likelihood of early local elections this year (several scenarios are currently being considered - either across the country, or targeted in key regions), only Avakov has experience in managing law enforcement officers during this period", the article says.

The political strategist also recalls the actions of A. Avakov to strengthen the country's defense capability and curb attempts at separatism. "It is also important that Avakov has support among the patriotic forces - he re-created the National Guard, sent police detachments to the ATO, and under his leadership, an operation was carried out to clean the building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration from the invaders", said T.Zagorodny.

According to the author of the article, the new authorities also do not want to change the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs due to possible attempts to destabilize the situation inside the country.

"The "Servant of the People" seems to believe (in any case, the people's deputy from the SP fraction, Liza Bogutskaya, whose correspondence was "spotlighted" by the journalists) that mass protests will take place in the country soon, which means that Zelensky’s team is clearly not off hand. The new minister will not physically be able to arrange work. And now Zelensky’s team simply does not have an experienced security officer who is capable of catching up with this large farm on the move. After all, we recall that in addition to the National Police, the Minister of State currently submits to the State Migration, the State Emergency Service and the National Guard", the publication emphasizes.

In addition, Arsen Avakov has the support of Western partners, in particular, the strategic partner of Ukraine - the United States. "It is very significant that when the adviser to the US president Bolton was in Ukraine, he did not give any comments on Avakov. So, he suits the West", the publication quotes the words of political scientist Pavel Rudyakov.

"There is another point - knowing about the possible departure, Avakov will work to stay, showing maximum efficiency. This means that many areas of reform of the National Police, which have been slowed down recently (including because of political chaos caused by elections and the change of power), will now be activated. That will enable Zelensky subsequently to say that his decision to leave Avakov at the post was made not in vain", the article emphasizes.

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