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Experts determined Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa” is worth more $400 million - Shymkiv

Experts determined Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa” is worth more $400 million - Shymkiv

Pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa is worth more than $400 million, the independent expertise showed, Dmytro Shymkiv, the Darnitsa Group executive board director, said in the interview to

Shymkiv said pharma is an industry with great potential. That is why the market force multipliers for pharmaceuticals industry are worth way higher than the multipliers in other industries.

“When we talk about buying a business, the average market force multipliers of generics companies equal 10 EBITBA. Although there were some deals with the 27-20 multiplier. Such as Takeda’s purchasing the company Shire for $ 81 billion,” Shymkiv said.

Ukrainian pharma is on world’s trend, Shymkiv added.

“We are a part of the world market, developing and growing fast. And Ukraine is in the list of the most fast-growing markets of the world pharmaceuticals industry. In the last years Ukrainian pharma has been growing by 11 percent annually. This is three times faster than Ukraine’s economy in general,” Shymkiv said.

Shymkiv determined that the multipliers of Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies equal 8-9, depending on a company’s portfolio.

“If to compare with competitors, we have an interesting specialization. The leading companies have mostly “nose” “throat” and “diabetes” agents in their portfolio. While we focus on “heart” (heart disease drugs), “problems of pain” and “nervous system,” the top-manager said. 

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa has been a leader in pharmaceuticals products in volume terms sales since 1998.  The product portfolio of Darnitsa includes some 250 brands of medical agents. The strategic directions of the company’s portfolio development are cardiology, neurology, pain problems.  Darnitsa exports its products to 16 countries. The company’s net profit from sales in 2018 grew by 18.7 percent, to UAH 3.002 billion. Glib Zagoriy is the beneficiary of the company.

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