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Hontareva Will Not Appear For Questioning At PGO, Invites Investigators To Question Her In London

Hontareva Will Not Appear For Questioning At PGO, Invites Investigators To Question Her In London

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The former head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Hontareva does not intend to appear for questioning at the Prosecutor-General’s Office, and she is inviting investigators to travel to London to question her.

Hontareva announced this to the Ukrainian News Agency, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“I do not intend to appear for questioning. I live and work in London. If they want to come to question me, then should come and question me,” she said.

According to her, she had nothing to do with businessman Serhii Kurchenko’s machinations.

"It can only be described as politically motivated because I have never met Yanukovych or Kurchenko, I do not know Arbuzov, and I have never been involved in any transaction in any capacity. It had nothing to do with me. As you remember, it all began before the first round of election, when the prosecutor general came out and said that [Kostiantyn] Kulyk fabricated this suspicion and filed at 5 a.m. based on fake documents. I cannot say why it has come up again,” she said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Prosecutor-General’s Office has summoned the Ukrainian Presidential Administration’s former head Borys Lozhkin, the Ukrainian Presidential Administration’s deputy head Oleksii Filatov, Hontareva for questioning in connection with the investigation of the crimes of businessman Serhii Kurchenko, the owner of the East European Fuel and Energy Company (VETEK).

Also summoned for questioning are the ICU company’s Managing Director Kostiantyn Stetsenko and former minister of ecology and natural resources Mykola Zlochivskyi.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office also summoned the above-mentioned persons with the aim of serving them with notifications of suspicion.

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