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Polling Station In Lebedynske Of Donetsk Region Not Opened Due To Refusal Of Commission Members To Fulfill The

Polling Station In Lebedynske Of Donetsk Region Not Opened Due To Refusal Of Commission Members To Fulfill Their Duties - CEC

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The Central Election Commission (CEC) states that the only polling station that did not start working in Lebedynske (Donetsk region) did not open due to the refusal of the commission members to fulfill their duties.

The Central Election Commission chairperson Tetiana Slipachuk said this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Today, with the exception of one polling station, all polling stations opened. This is a polling station No.140379 of district No.60. This polling station is on the line of demarcation... The headquarters gave Mariupol residents as nominations to this commission, and this is not a very short distance. The location of this polling station became the reason why these persons refuse to perform their duties," she said.

The police considers other reasons why members of the district commission refuse to fulfill their duties, but, according to Slipachuk, the main reason is the specifics of the region and the location of the polling station on the line of demarcation.

"They do not want to go there and perform the functions that they are obliged to perform," said the chairperson of the CEC.

On March 31, only 4 voters decided to vote at this polling station; in the second round, 192 citizens were included in the voter list.

The CEC is currently working with the Donetsk regional state administration so that this polling station can open.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the voting in the second round of presidential election is held from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

30.3 million citizens will be able to vote, including almost 0.5 million Ukrainians abroad.

Two candidates were included on the ballot: Volodymyr Zelenskyi (head of the Kvartal 95 studio) and Petro Poroshenko (incumbent President).

The one who gets more votes than the competitor wins.

The CEC is obliged to establish the election results not later than May 1.

The inauguration of the President-elect must take place not later than May 31.