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Zelenskyi To Retain Language Quotas On TV, Admits Changes In Them

Zelenskyi To Retain Language Quotas On TV, Admits Changes In Them

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Presidential candidate / actor / TV presenter, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, intends to preserve the law on land quotas on television, however, admits their changing.

He said this in an interview for RBC Ukraine, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Look I do understand that law. That is why I have questions to the law we are talking about. The quotas will remain. But the question is what quotas should look like? No. .. I mean… there is a question to regulation of those quotas. If you understand it well, there is a trick there. Some supplement regarding the quotas. In fact, more time for the Ukrainian language, and then different languages as each of them requires attention… Because a lot of people speak Russian here. They cannot be deprived of Russian-language television. There are also people speaking other languages here. Do you see, there is a huge question regarding the quotas. No one will cancel the quotas, however, they should be regulated," he said.

Zelenskyi said that the people who passed the law were not quite television experts.

The candidate added he intended to use social media to communicate with the population.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Volodymyr Zelenskyi intends to transfer the Presidential Administration from Bankova street in Kyiv if elected as the President.