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Ukraine's first factory for the production of electronic accessories Plank Electrotechnic will become a seriou

Ukraine's first factory for the production of electronic accessories Plank Electrotechnic will become a serious competitor for foreign producers, - Khmelnitsky

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In the "Bila Tserkva" industrial park, located near Kiev, a plant for the production of electrical accessories Plank Electrotechnic was opened. The innovative enterprise itself, as well as the entire industrial park, belongs to the investment group UFuture of entrepreneur Vasyl Khmelnitsky. This diversified production site is the first of its kind in the metropolitan area. And as stated by its founder Khmelnitsky, its goal is to give a powerful impetus to the development of local production and import phase-out.

"No one in the world wants to see Ukraine's economy become powerful. For foreign countries, it is more profitable to receive only raw materials and workers from our country. Foreigners are willing to even pay us for this with loans that our descendants will have to pay back. Instead, we should roll up our sleeves, not be afraid to take a deliberate risk, and put our skills and finances in the construction of industrial facilities," - said Vasyl Khmelnitsky.

The businessman said that he was inspired to contribute his own investments in such production by the fact that in Ukraine, where despite all the problems, industrial, office facilities, and new houses are still being built, there has not been a single enterprise that would produce ordinary electrical accessories such as sockets and switches. Such products are imported from China, Poland or Turkey, not always through transparent schemes, and the products are not always of decent quality.

"If an employee works in China for $ 700 in a factory that produces some component part, then clears the goods for export, ships it to us by the sea, gets customs clearance and offers it on our market, I don’t believe that the part can cost less than its counterpart produced in Ukraine. Previously, we made prototypes of our future production models, offered them to the market, and the consumer reacted quite positively," - said Vasyl Khmelnitsky.

The entrepreneur emphasized that this production site is going to become a kind of locomotive for many domestic enterprises that will supply components for assembly at the Plank Electrotechnic plant. According to the businessman, even today, 9 or 10 components of the sockets are made in our country. And only plastic granules are imported from abroad.

Investments in the first plant, which launched the work of "Bila Tserkva" industrial park, amounted to $ 2 million. And the total area of the industrial park is about 25 hectares. In its territory, diversified enterprises will be built in the future, which will create at least 3 thousand new workspaces.

Together with the launch of the Plank Electrotechnic plant in Bila Tserkva, the Innovative Production Forum was carried out, the purpose of which was the development of industrial enterprises in Ukraine through access to innovations, the creation of industrial parks, accelerators and partner programs.