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Lawmaker Zagoriy disclosed 95 patents and more than 1.5 million charity donations

Lawmaker Zagoriy disclosed 95 patents and more than 1.5 million charity donations

Throughout the 2018 lawmaker Glib Zagoriy gave more than UAH 1.5 million to charity, reads his electronic declaration filed into the Unified State Electronic Declarations Registry. It also features lawmaker owning 95 patents and trademarks, mostly in pharmaceuticals sphere.

According to the document, Zagoriy is the ultimate beneficiary of the PrJSC “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”, PJSC SIC “Borshchahivskiy CPP”, LLC “Farmmedinvest”.

As for the real estate property, the lawmaker disclosed the leased land plot with an area of 40,778 square meters, the 271.5 square meters apartment and the 423.7 square meters office he took on lease. The lawmaker’s wife Kateryna Zagoriy possesses the right to use a 760.8 square meters country house and a land plot with an area of 5,423 square meters.

Lawmaker also disclosed having Tesla SP85D 2015 year made, leased Mercedes-Benz S 600 2012 year made and BMW Alpina B7, produced in 2017. Kateryna Zagoriy owns Range Rover 2014.

Glib Zagoriy earned UAH 329,583 lawmaker’s wage in 2018. He earned some additional money at his second job – scientific work in two universities.

 “Darnitsa” beneficiary told journalists, that he gave the entire wage earned throughout 2018 to charity.

The lawmaker also gave explanations about Kateryna Zagoriy’s income of UAH 531 million, earned after disposition of corporate rights and bonds. Zagoriy said that there is no paragraph about the spending of the family members in the electronic declaration. In the same time, the spending after the bonds trading operations in 2018 equaled UAH 521 million. So the factual income equals the balance between the income (UAH 531 million) and the spending (UAH 521 million), plus the bonds coupon profit. As the result, Glib Zagoriy said, his wife’s actual income was some UAH 14 million.

Zagoriy also disclosed getting UAH 1.9 million income from the sale of personal property and UAH 11.73 million royalty from PrJSC “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”.

 In his electronic declaration Zagoriy disclosed UAH 4.8 million on accounts in Ukrainian banks – “Oshchadbank”, “Ukrsibbank” and others.  He also disclosed having $2.1 million and 421,000 euros and UAH 5.4 million in cash, UAH 37 million debt receivable for corporate rights and lending $1 million to the third persons.

The personal property of the “Darnitsa” beneficiary includes two items of weapon, sleeve buttons, pieces of antique, the collection of the XX century sculptures and art. His declaration also featured the collections of the Ukrainian national costumes, carpets and other pieces of art that belong to his wife.

As it was reported earlier, in 2018 PrJSC “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa” increased its net profit by 31.3 percent, to UAH 449,134 million. It is expected that during the upcoming stockholders meeting at the beginning of April, they will decide not to pay dividends and instead divert the profit of 2018 for the development of the company.