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CVU: Illegal Campaigning, Ballot Photographing And Troubles In Work Of Precinct Election Commissions Are Main

CVU: Illegal Campaigning, Ballot Photographing And Troubles In Work Of Precinct Election Commissions Are Main Problems On Election Day

president election 2019, Committee of voters of Ukraine

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) states that illegal campaigning, ballot photographing and troubles in the work of precinct election commissions are the main problems on election day.

The CVU director general Oleksii Koshel has posted this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The CVU observers report that in most regions of Ukraine there are facts when official observers of one of the candidates use badges with the symbol of the candidate.

This often leads to conflict situations, as observers and commission members force them to stop using materials with campaigning signs.

According to the CVU, members of three precinct election commissions stamped “retired” opposite the name of one of the candidates, thus violating the norms of the current legislation.

Such actions led to the damage of the ballots.

This resulted in delaying the start of the voting and the loss of a number of votes.

The CVU observers also record a number of cases of voters photographing filled ballots (Vinnytsia region, precinct election commission No. 051488, Chernivtsi region, precinct election commissions Nos. 730507, 730514).

Such actions can be both a manifestation of voters' dependence on social networks and photo publication, and also the technology of sharing photos with filled-in ballots for financial reward.

So far, one fact of actions of a forceful nature has been registered - throwing a flammable substance to a polling station in the city of Borzna in Chernihiv region.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 16.23% of voters in 156 of the 199 districts voted in the presidential election.

Voting will last from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

39 candidates compete for the position of head of state.

Almost 30 million voters in Ukraine and almost 0.5 million Ukrainians abroad will be able to vote.

Officially, the voting results must be set before April 10 inclusively.

If none of the candidates gains more than 50%, then the second round of election should be scheduled for April 21.

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