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CEC Head Slipachuk Declares UAH 23.9 Million Of Income For 2018

CEC Head Slipachuk Declares UAH 23.9 Million Of Income For 2018

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The head of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Tetiana Slipachuk, declared UAH 23.9 million of income for 2018.

This is evidenced by her e-declaration for 2018, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

For three months of work in the CEC in 2018, Slipachuk earned UAH 236,000 (an average of UAH 78,700 per month).

Her remaining income was UAH 18 million from her previous place of work - Sayenko Kharenko law firm (salary, dividends, payments after leaving the membership), UAH 5.4 million of the fee from the Vienna International Arbitration Center of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber for the work as an arbitrator in arbitration proceedings, UAH 107,000 fee from the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, UAH 186,000 of interest from Ukreximbank and UAH 11,000 of insurance payments.

Over the year, Slipachuk accumulated more than 20 million in hryvnia equivalent and her total savings are about 1.3 million in dollar equivalent.

So, for 2018, she declared USD 240,000, UAH 4.8 million, EUR 5,200 and GBP 3,000 in cash and UAH 11.9 million, USD 264,000, EUR 185,000 and RUB 200 on bank accounts (Ukreximbank and Raiffeisen Bank Aval).

At the same time, in 2017, she declared USD 250,000, UAH 1.5 million and EUR 2,500 in cash, as well as USD 257,000, EUR 12,200, GBP 3,500, UAH 70,000 and RUB 200 in banks.

In October 2018, when Slipachuk became a member of the CEC, she bought an Audi A8 2010 for UAH 1 million.

She also owns a BMW 640D 2016 (worth UAH 1.6 million) and has the right to use the car of Iryna Slipachuk - Mercedes-Benz G 500 2012.

In the real estate owned by Slipachuk there is an apartment of 79 square meters, a land plot of 1,000 square meters and a house of 285 square meters in Kyiv.

She does not have valuable property worth more than 100 subsistence minimums.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 5, 2018, Slipachuk took office as a member of the CEC and was elected as chairperson of the commission.

In 2017, Slipachuk declared UAH 4.3 million of income, as well as savings in bank accounts and cash for more than 0.5 million in dollar equivalent.

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